How to Live with Clarity and Bliss: The Aum Complex

Do you live with the Om Complex? Accomplishing more, having a strong sense of clarity, avoiding useless complications and feeling blissfully content are all telltale signs of living with Om.

Before allowing for poetic relation of Om to your conscious life, understanding it is vital:

Om (aum) is a word of Sanskrit origin which is cited in Hinduism as all encompassing truth, consciousness and bliss. For many living unconsciously, it is the rebirth (unmanifest and manifest) of purpose and superior being. Chanting Om is a verbal manifestation of desire and support of higher consciousness.

“The goal, which all Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which humans desire when they live a life of conscience, I will tell you briefly it is aum” – Stated in Hindu Katha Upanishad

This  may conjure thoughts of “How can this fit into my lifestyle?”, “Why is this important” or “Okay, this sounds right. Now what?”. Maybe you have a physical goal that you need more focus on, your eating habits beg improvement, or you have a lifestyle full of stressors and ailments that feel out of control. Practicing and feeding your ‘Om Complex’ will help you manifest your goals, optimal health and personal intuition in future decisions. Here are some of the signs of practicing Om;

High Rates of Accomplishment

Clarity and purpose mingle in the spotlight and create accomplishment. Once something is known to need accomplishment, a course of action is taken. These people have high sets of focus on their goals and assess the how of their priorities. A plan is determined and fulfilled.

Lets take a quick look into a clear flow chart-like thought process of finding a ‘how’ to fulfill a common priority:

“I need to lose fat and be more physically fit for my future.”

The simple how here is to be more physically active and eat healthily, through active behaviour and oulook.> Details now.> You don’t need to watch that show, and if you really do, get a PVR.> Power walking is free, and a great start.> You don’t love alcohol or deep fried meat as much as you love your family, cut that. Hundreds of calories diminished.> Have a plan. You don’t have time to program your physical and dietary plan? Hire a professional.>>>>> GET IT DONE!


Loving yourself and showing self-respect will gain you the esteem and support of your family and friends. Having ‘Om’ takes the finicky and lesser details and puts them out of the process.

Ultimately, recognising and acting on that which manifests meaning from purpose will become a habit, and you can achieve many great feats.

Living with Purpose and Passion

With certainty, any person with the ‘Om Complex’ will live their life with intention. They will speak it, act it, sip it and breathe it in. Expect them to vindicate their purpose and passion whence confronted with some force of unreasonable objection.

Details that do not serve your purpose will evaporate like beads of sweat off your skin in the light of your consciousness. 


The complex brings with it a sense of clarity and insight into general life, its purpose, human instances and personal boundaries.  The dedication to purpose (clarity given) breeds fulfillment. Understanding others open-heartedly, known as compassion, removes any ego-driven intent- though an assertive approach is necessary when personal boundaries have been overstepped. Clarity also yields a certain sensitivity. Having the ‘Om Complex’ means being sensitive to ego driven people, destructive situations and other sorts of non-serving situations. Cue assertion.

We are all human and clarity will take time. Should someone’s assertion to ‘clear their head’ be denied, for instance, a rash reaction may be to follow.

Relationship Dynamics

Relationships with fellow conscious people will be the absolute strongest. These people are the foundation of pure support for each other: they will be conscious of you, speak truth and partake in blissful experiences with you- selflessly. You will become aware of how and where others belong in your life; be they friends, family or new introductions. Nature dictates that conscious people will gravitate towards others alike, and away from ego driven individuals.

Living a conscious, truthful and blissful life is a life journey. It is the art of diligence, wisdom and assertion that we must craft in order to know and effectuate that which really serves us. Focus will bring manifestation to the channel of your conscious Om.

Once you go ‘Om”, welcome home.

Cassandra McIntyre is the founder of PersonaFitness, through which she intertwines exercise physiology, nutrition and holism into the development and fulfillment of every exercise program.